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One year in the making

We did it! Our business is one year old (we are a month late).

For us, it has been a hug learning experience. One of the things that we really have liked about starting our business is the doors it has opened to meeting new people and collaboration into Tacoma and Seattle area.

Going into business, we didn't really know what to expect - one thing that was really cool was seeing the people that were really supportive and into our message encourage us along the way. We wouldn't have made it this far if not for the support. Opening, then continuing to grow our business through the year has not been easy, as soon as we get funds we looked at it and said okay what do we need to invest in next to get even better product, how do we improve, what is next?

Jenessa has really enjoyed getting to learn new machines, creating, the art behind the products, and designing. Cordell has enjoyed meeting new people and creating an avenue to talk about topics that matter. We have both especially enjoyed creating a vision of our family owned business that our kids can be part of someday and can grow into something bigger as our message gets out there.

Goals for next year:

- Collaborate more

- Get out more with our gear

- Donate more back into the community

- Make awesome product! (duh)

Thank your all for the support so far!

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