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The Dawn

"The Dawn" represents the beginning of our brand. The theme behind "The Dawn" was to get our overall message out there as a catalyst for conversation and change. We wanted to not only include the message of the struggle of being mixed/colored in America but to also reiterate the empowerment of individuals and who they are as a person.

We spent a lot of time planning and preparing our first line to align with our mission and overall goal of why we created this brand. The Dawn includes a lot of our logo and plays on our logo (the origins and explanation of the logo is in our previous blog "About Our Logo"). This includes the "Microaggression" design that you see on hoodies and tees, and our "Enough" and "Differences" items. Along with our logo, we did a lot of swirls with crowns such as the logo crown Tee and the Swirl crown sweater. The swirls represent "Mixed" as well and the crown is the Queen and King of the individual.

You don't have to code switch, change yourself, or try and fit in with a group that expects you to be a certain way. Who you are as a person isn't defined by what side of the mix you are on, but is instead defined by your character and who it is you choose to be.

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