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Our Mission

To create items and blog posts that empower individuals to be proud of all parts of themselves. To create avenues for people to share their stories and collaborate.

Who are we? 

Hi! Our names are Cordell and Jenessa. Our goal is to empower individuals, especially those who are from mixed backgrounds, in being true to themselves and who they are and not what society labels them. We want to make a statement that will be inclusive of all of who you are, while also celebrating the individuals within their respective mixes. We hope that when our brand is worn, it could spark conversations that normally might not happen and  will connect people of different backgrounds. We strongly believe in family plus community and will be donating a portion of our profits each month to various charities/

We met in college our senior year while both studying education. With very different backgrounds and experiences than each other, there was a lot of learning and listening that had to happen to get us to where we are now. We have two beautiful kids that keep us always busy and filled with love. 

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