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About our logo

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

When we set out to create our brand, we were not sure what to expect. One of the things that surprised us was how difficult it was creating and picking a logo that was just right. Cordell designed our logo and here is what each part stands for:

Our brand is "Mixed" and we want to create something that represents the coming together/mixing of people & communities - while still celebrating the individual. We did the two half crescents coming together to a circle as if being mixed up and all connected. Then we put the i in the middle - the i in the mix - to represent the individual person. We should all be proud of our uniqueness. You will notice that some of our apparel, the i is a unique color and that is what that represents. Some of our apparel even offers the option to change the i to whatever color you would like to represent yourself - the individual. It is more than just a brand it is an outlet to share a message and mission we want to share with the world while also giving back to our community.

Our Mission

To empower individuals to create new avenues of discussion and trigger action that will break down barriers and bring diverse communities together.


A world where diversity is celebrated and everyone is proud of their background and individuality.

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